Sandra Bullock Suspected That Jesse James Was Cheating on Her

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

RadarOnline is reporting that Sandra Bullock had confronted her husband Jesse James in the past with suspicions that he was cheating, and he denied it.

“Sandra suspected that Jesse was cheating,” a source close to the couple tells exclusively. “They got into four or five blowouts over it and every time he denied everything.”

Jesse reportedly denied that he was sleeping with other women (four have come out of the woodwork so far, but there are rumors of countless others), but told Sandra that he had been going to strip clubs.

I am not quite sure how this makes me feel. On one hand I'm glad that Jesse James' cheating on Sandra Bullock wasn't a complete surprise to her, as I think it would be the worst kind of betrayal to think your husband is all kinds of perfect but turns out to be worse than dirt. But the fact that she had her suspicions and stayed with him and praised him the way she did during awards season makes me feel even more sorry for her, if that is possible.

Ladies, as a friend of mine says, if it looks like a duck and it talks like a duck, it is a duck. If you have suspicions that your man is cheating, chances are pretty high that he is.

In another report on RadarOnline, Dr. Drew Pinsky calls Sandra a "love addict." But if you want to believe that your husband isn't cheating on you, does that make you a love addict or someone who just wants to see the best in the man they love?

Dr. Drew also insinuates that Sandra and Jesse's marriage isn't as deep and committed as Tiger and Elin Woods' (his reasoning is that they weren't together for as long and don't have kids together — let's ignore Sandra's relationship with Jesse's stepkids, shall we) and he believes it would be best for the Oscar winner if she divorced Jesse and moved on.

Really, Dr. Drew? Here's my advice for you: Shut up!



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