Oh-Oh, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Reunite

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It seems almost surprising to say this but Paris Hilton had kind of dropped off my radar recently. She hasn't been in any sex scandals or celebrity feuds, she hasn't got any new products to promote... in fact I haven't a clue what she's been up to for the past month or two. And that's kind of the way I like it.

But then I saw pics of her talking to Nicole Richie at a Victoria's Secret party at Trousdale nightclub in L.A. Apparently the former Simple Life BFFs are pals again. They reportedly kissed and made up following the death of their mutual friend Casey Johnson in January.

Since Nicole is busy with two kids, her multiple fashion lines and is working on a sitcom, I have to wonder about their new closeness. Is Paris kissing up to Nicole to get a role on her new TV show?



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