Kate Gosselin Pushes Her DWTS Partner Tony to Quit

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It only took a week, but in week 2 of Dancing With the Stars Kate Gosselin managed to push her partner Tony Dovolani so far that he quit in the middle of a rehearsal. Obviously the producers threatened him with grievous bodily harm, cause he came back and gave the bitch a hug. I bet Jon Gosselin was watching this and having PTSD flashbacks as Kate berated her dance partner. How Jon managed to stay married to her for as long as he did is beyond me. She is one nasty piece of work, but plays the victim. When Tony came back in and apologized to her, Kate whimpered, "I lot of people quit on me in life." Somebody needs a wake-up call. I hope she is the first one voted off the show, but get the feeling that producers may keep her around for the fireworks.



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