Why Does Mia Michaels Hate Brandon Bryant?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I don't know whether she's just gone through a bad breakup or needs to get laid, but Mia Michaels had her bitch on this week on So You Think You Can Dance. Normally I love Mia, but I don't understand why she put the hate on Brandon Bryant. I think he's amazing and so does Mary Murphy. I don't see him as arrogant at all. Oh Mia, get it together.

OK, so I have a little update thanks to Adam Shankman's Twittering. In answer to a question from a fan named Brenda Sue about "the so-called attitude that young man supposedly had per Mia," Adam said: "I yelled at her which they didn't show. He was nervous and kept smiling and laughing as she was ripping him a part and it pissed her off , but I could see it was nerves. She has it out for him! Gonna be intense."

Adam also Twittered to Nigel Lythgoe: "I do love our top 20. Man! U didn't show a fraction of the drama! Twitterverse; it was a million times more argumantative and emotional!"

Nigel also defended Mia on Twitter, saying: "Mia is a brilliant choregrapher and a passionate advocate of excellence in everything she does and everything her dancers do. She is REAL."

I think I could do with a little less real.

Here's Mia's rant:

And here's his audition:

To see what Brandon had to say about Mia, click here.

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Was Mia Mean to Brandon?


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. I love her choreography and can tolerate her critique MOST of the time, but she was an un-constructive biotch with a capital "B" towards Brandon. At least the crumping judge (whose name I forget) didn't feel the need to be a complete ass about his not being impressed.

Terry on June 5, 2009 at 4:05 AM said...

I think it's totally for ratings to cause drama. My goodness, it's pretty evident The guy is a brilliant dancer. I truly believe it's all for ratings. Hey Mia, you could stand to lose a few pounds!

Isys said...

I must agree. All of Mia's comments were not necessary, even if she feels that way. Commenting on his attitude more than his dancing was ridiculous. Props to Mary Murphy, Debbie Allen and Nigel Lythgoe for not letting Mia bully Brandon Bryant.

John Lynn on June 6, 2009 at 1:37 AM said...

Using the fact that Mary Murphy liked him is the best reason I should ignore the over the top comments by Mia. Let's see, Mia's opinion of a dancer or Mary's? That's an absolute no brainer for me. I'll take Mia any day of the week over Mary.

I will go with your drama argument. The producers loved it I'm sure. Also, I think Mia actually did Brandon a favor, because now his fans will really unite to prove Mia wrong.

Kathy Campbell on June 6, 2009 at 4:13 PM said...

I totally agree with you that Mia did Brandon a favor as you said in your post. Perhaps I should have added that in addition to Mary, Debbie, Adam and Nigel all voted for him to go through to the top 20. I love Mia as a choreographer, but not so much as a person. My big problem with the situation is how mean Mia was. And how personal she made it. Lil C wasn’t blown away by Brandon either, but he didn’t get nasty about it. I think it was interesting to read Adam’s take on it.
As far as Mary goes, despite her hot tamale train outbursts and screams that could curdle milk, I actually agree with her most of the time, and I think she judges people on their talent rather than a perceived bad attitude. And I love the way she really feels the performances.
Thinking about it, you know how the American Idol judges all have their distinct personalities? Well, I think Nigel Lythgoe is trying do the same thing with this show. It’s much easier this season to pigeonhole all of them, isn’t it? With Dan and Brian and Shane, they were more wishy-washy. You can’t say that of any of the judges now.

Anonymous said...

I think a judge needs to remain professional and professionalism was lost here. Mia was disrespectful, nasty and rude. The comments she made were uncalled for. Brandon is an excellent dancer, when he dances it touches my soul and I think other will agree. If she felt e could improve their is a professional way to critique someone not tear them down like that. They should get rid of her but thanks now I will make sure I vote for him. Mia you should apologize to brandon and his family, you were just plain nasty and should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

I just want to make one point, and I must say that I used to like Mia, but now I absolutely hate her (and this goes for everyone who was in the room watching with me). I appreciate fully that she has the expertise to judge how someone dances; however, I think there is a bit of 'god complex' happening when she thinks she has the ability to look through dancing and know a person to their core. I found her offensive with her insinuation that his smile was fake, etc. Like she (and God) know what is at this kid's core. Reality check, Ms. Michaels, you're an outstanding choreographer and, I'm sure, excellent judge of dancing abilities. But when you think you have some sort of psychological superpowers that enables you to watch a dancer for even a full hour and know everything about their character, its time to take a bit of break and eat a little humble pie. Your comments reflected very very badly on you, and I'm sure after you've recognized the 'backlash', you (and your publicist) will sit down and have some miracle attitude adjustment. Can't wait for the inevitable "I know I was hard on you back in Vegas, but you've show me... [insert hallmark moment] and I have to admit I was wrong". Then you can bathe in the "isn't it wonderful that she was 'big' enough to admit she was wrong" and possible reform your image. I, for one, believe that your comments demonstrate serious flaws in your character, and I don't think I will ever forget it. It really was a vicious and personal attack. What the f*%k is the kid supposed to say... you hold all the power... I, like Brandon, would have continued smiling while being attacked, because I too would have been stunned... Its kind of a defensive reaction... Did you want to make him cry? And would that have been the 'power trip' fix you were looking for? Read some of your greek tragedy or shakespeare, and you'll see a trend for what happens to arrogant gods... life (and shakespeare) have habid of humbling such 'gods'.

All of the above doesn't take away from the fact that, years ago i couldn't have cared less about dance, and when I saw that dance routine with Travis (and can't remember her name) and the park bench, I became hooked. That was a gift (thank you). Last weeks comments were white trash, to the max.

Anonymous said...

uh...mia knows brandon. he danced at her father's studio when he was young and was even trained by mia when he was young....maybe around 10ish. this information came straight from the studios. but her comment showed hate. what could she possibly have against him?

Anonymous said...

How in god's name was anything she said professional? I agree with everything that has been said on this board, and I don't know if my eyes might have skipped this part in any of the comments, but I have something to add. If you had to be judge, it's to criticize a person's dancing, not their personality. MORE IMPORTANTLY, what has "ur smile is so fake" have anything to do with dancing? If that's his real smile, the fact that she would call it fake is disrespectful, and I'm not talking about disrespectful as a judge. She was disrespectull as a human being. I have a weird feeling she might not even be a judge on the panel for the remainder of the season, because of her behaviour. They might ban her. Just watch the season and see what happens. I have a huntch (No idea how that's spelled :S)

Anonymous said...

Mia Michaels sucks and so does modern dance. Dance is supposed to be exciting and interesting, not BORING BORING LAME.

She is horrible as a judge. Her lack of intelligence shows in her inability to put together sensible critiques.

I think she's only on the show to make the other two judges look better.

Rose said...

I think she was being petty and mean. Okay, Mia, you don't like him, and you're a judge and he's a contestant, so he just has to deal with that and try not to piss you off.
But my god, did she abuse her power! So many people, if in his position, would have told her to stop being a bitch. The fact that he took her criticism without complaining just showed that he was dedicated and really did want to win.
What annoyed me most is that he's a really, really talented dancer, and because there wasn't much she could say about his skill, she had to attack him personally. I mean, honestly! Since when is it at all relevant whether or not his smile pisses her off? She shouldn't be allowed to use her status as a judge to talk about how his personality annoys her. Its not bloody constructive!
I've lost all respect for Mia Micheals. She complains about his smiling while she bombards him with criticism, which just shows that she wanted to see him cry or something.


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